We are an eco-conscious, fresh and edgy hair and beauty salon. We are located on the border of Salt River and Observatory, blazing through new frontiers inspired by the ever changing landscape of the area. Come and enjoy our yummy BOOTLEGGER cappuccino’s, browse our book exchange and hand-made jewellery.

The earth, vitality and sustainability are important to us. It is the vein that runs through all our offerings.

We like rollerblades, high heels, the Northern Lights, snowflakes for breakfast and trees. If you ask us we will tell you we speak HAIR. It is our language. We are the interpreters. We want to tell your story.

Hair is like nature. It flows, it stops, it moves, it falls, it flies and it lays down. It constantly changes. Sometimes it causes havoc, but mostly, it inspires us. To be more, to step out and to transform.

We think nature and hair should be treated the same. With respect and care. We promise to go the extra mile to ensure we are as kind to the earth and our clients as possible.

See the blindfolded hair cut at Swordfern Hair Emporium