The infamous “ Stellar Scissors” is the heart and soul of Swordfern. A nickname worthy of her talent, she knows the rules, breaks them and creates art.


I am a qualified make-up artist & skincare therapist, with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry. My style is to combine your personality & ideas to create a look that makes you glow with comfort. I believe we are most beautiful when we are comfortable in our own skin & therefore I create your desired look by enhancing your natural features.


“If you cut me, I bleed colour.” Our resident colour master with a decade of experience, she is the “Kat Von Dee of Hair”.

Nicky Mitchley

He arrives on his skateboard Camera on hand, this is our light bender. No shadow can hide from him! His gentle eye captures all. The Memory Man blends film and music while he walks on his hands.

Lucy Verwey

Introducing Lucy Verwey, from Up-styles to precision or patterned gent cuts…
Curly, Ethnic or even Pro hair extensions, this blue eyed lady knows her stuff!
She is versatile. On top of that there two things that set her apart, she listens and she delivers.
She cares about hair; she is passionate about the art of hair. All of that is important, but for her the story that binds you and your hair and where your hair will take you next comes first. You will both be ready! 😉

Daniela Carmen Verdelli

Not just a Super Hair Styler! This gracious Italian Lady grew up surrounded by the beauty of Swaziland. If you like precision cuts with the added punk flair pick her. She’s a painter and she loves the fire colours. If you like freehand swift techniques pick her again! Note she plays the bass and more than likely will have Siouxsie and the Banshees or If these trees could talk playing in the background when your hair becomes her canvass.


How did we steer the SF ship without this WONDER WOMAN???????! Our lives have been changed knowing this angel.


Magpie has jet and she works faster than the speed of her jet. She might be our little rebel but she is on her way to that million dollar signature.


“Our mama”. The one and only.

Kayla Brown

23 – Libra, also known as Fire Crow. Holistic therapist / Healer. Devoted to relaxing the body and mind and creating a state of bliss. “My motto is that the intention is LOVE”.


This lady doesn’t walk – she dances – just like the smile in her eyes dances. She is a bomb of joy and a cracker on the floor. Born Swordfernian!


Warren our Wind Runner is fast on his feet always a helping hand. Our Mr. Barista makes a rapping coffee that keeps us all going. The question is will he be our 1st barber? 😉


Our favorite front of house is back till April to bring us smashing tracks and shiny days made of flowers. At the heart of our engine room this girl runs our events and gets you a booking at the Swordfern Ship.


A man of many hats a true Triple Thread. Well to others, to us a warrior of angels and carrier of The Penned Plan. Together with his sidekick Warren they are the bolt of the ship.


Dear miss Taylor our resident beautician keeps you looking oh so fine! No fancy potions needed she will massage those wannabe wrinkles off of your face. She knows just how. A gentle and kind spirit takes the time to treat you in a world where we all need time to stop sometime.